Studio Backs designs products and experiences that are bold and recognizable, fresh and iconic, sensible and long-lasting.


STUDIO BACKS creates meaningful products and experiences that are bold, iconic and beautiful


Studio Backs


Studio Backs


Before founding Studio Backs, Jochen was Principal Industrial Designer for Design Continuum San Francisco leading their ID team and prior an integral long-time visionary design leader with IDEO Product Development, where he designed a diverse range of products & experiences for clients including Cisco Systems, DELL, NEC, Medtronic, Logitech, Steelcase, Pepsi and Samsung Electronics. Prior to IDEO, Jochen was designer with TEAMS Design, where he designed tools for BOSCH and Electrolux, kitchen accessories for Leifheit and Silit. 

Jochen's creative direction provides the vision for all projects and product experiences. Jochen taught Data X: New Interactive Experiences at CCA.

The strength and focus Jochen brings to the studio on all projects is bridging complex technologies with user-centered design methods to create thoughtful and meaningful solutions. Our projects are always driven by a human-centered point-of-view. 


Industrial Design and Surface Modeling
Exploring a range of aesthetic options for a product through variations in form, materials and colors. 

Visual Design Language
Developing a language of shared values and vocabulary of form that can be communicated throughout a family of products. 

Research (User/Market/Trend)
Qualitative research of user observations, benchmarking, product feature-focused market and trend research to support our development process. 

Invention and Innovation
Capitalizing on new technologies, materials or applications to conceptualize future products. 

Engineering, Part Break-up, BOM, assembly methods
Translating ideas into concrete solutions, by defining part count and part break up, choice of materials, manufacturing processes and methods. 

Packaging, Messaging and Graphic Design
Development of unique sustainable packaging with clear messaging aligned with product, company values and customer expectation. 

Product Naming
Development of descriptive brand names for products to be referred to by their brand name. Positioning of niche products, offering "solutions" to specific problems by establishing brand essentials and platforms.




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